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200-Amp 54-Space 54-Circuit Indoor Main Breaker Plug-On Neutral 


Electrical panel upgrades can become necessary for several reasons. Home renovations or an addition can lead to the necessity for more circuits than are available with the current electrical panel. Situations can also occur even when additional amperage isn’t required. Panel boxes can begin making intermittent crackling sounds; fuses can begin to blow out on a regular basis, or flickering lights can occur. When any of these problems are noticed, it is time to have the panel box inspected.


Modern households are very dependent upon electrical energy, and it seems as if each day there is the need for more and more outlets and service. Consider the average kitchen with its appliances and small electrical devices...this room alone could call for both 220 volt outlets and standard 120 volts in abundance.


Purchase of a new panel - this is an issue that is best done after reviewing the home's needs with the electrician, since the panels are available in many sizes, as indoor or outdoor units, combinable with the meter, and with a range of available circuit spaces.


Installation of appropriate service - the local utility company may need to install a different power supply or upgrade the meter and service, and this is an absolute necessity before installation of the new circuit panel begins (this is going to come at a separate expense).

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