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Recessed lights

There are three pieces to a recessed lighting fixture: the housing, trim, and bulb. The trim is what you see when looking up at the light. It's the insert that's seen inside the fixture, as well as the thin lining around its edge. The housing is the fixture itself that gets installed inside the ceiling and holds onto each lamp holder. And finally, many different types of bulbs can go into recessed lighting fixtures - it all just depends on how much heat each one generates.

  1. There are four main categories for UL 1598 recessed housings. IC or “insulation contact” rated, new construction housings The fixtures are attached to the ceiling supports before the ceiling surface is installed. If the area above the ceiling is accessible, these fixtures may also be installed from within the attic space. IC housings must be installed where the insulation will touch the housing directly.

  2. Non-IC rated new construction housings are used in the same situations as the IC rated new construction housings, only they require that there be no contact with insulation and at least 3 in spacing from insulation. These housings are typically rated up to 150 watts.

  3. IC rated remodel housings are used in existing ceilings where insulation will be present and in contact with the fixture.

  4. Non-IC-rated remodels housings are used for existing ceilings where, ideally, no insulation is present. However, these also require that there be no contact with insulation and at least 3 in spacing from insulation. Sloped-ceiling housings are available for both insulated and non-insulated ceilings.

The primary purpose of the housing is to prevent any flammable materials from coming into contact with the lighting fixture. Poorly-designed downlights can be a fire hazard, Self-resetting thermal switches are included in all newer models for safety purposes. The size of the housing will depend on the diameter of the circular opening where the lamp is installed, with 4, 5, and 6 inches being the most common sizes. That said, 4-inch IC New Construction units are less readily available at present. Smaller housings (2 and 3 inches) can also be found for specialized uses.

."Air Tight" housing is not only more energy efficient, it will also save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

New construction housing

Remodel housing

Recessed Light Trim

Wafer Recessed Lighting

Wafer-recessed lighting is a top pick for both residences and commercial buildings because of its attractive, contemporary appearance and many eco-friendly features. These light fixtures are meant to be unobtrusively set into ceilings so as not to disrupt the line of sight or disturb the flow of the room. Wafer-recessed lights come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials and show excellent durability. And, because they are energy efficient, they help homes and businesses save money on utility bills. If you're looking to add a modern touch to your home or business, consider installing wafer-recessed lights today.

 Recessed LED Lighting Fixture
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