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Back up Generator

Whether it's a standby power system for a large data center, a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, Buri Electric meets the power needs of consumers and businesses alike.


Permanent Standby Generators these remain permanently outside the home and on standby. They run on an existing fuel source – either liquid propane or natural gas – and are capable of generating enough wattage to re-energize your home only seconds after it loses power. That’s because the permanent generator works in conjunction with a transfer switch to monitor incoming utility voltage. When your home’s power goes out, the transfer switch will disconnect the utility line and connect a new power line from the generator to restore power within seconds.

Portable Generators offer a more affordable option when only a few vital electrical items are needed during a power outage. These generators are smaller and can be wheeled out of the garage. Their primary fuel is gasoline, so they should never be run inside the home or any enclosed area, where deadly carbon monoxide gas can accumulate.In order to select the best backup generator for yourself and your family, determine just how much power you would need in the event of a blackout. What could you do without for a few days? Hot water? Cold food? Check the manufacturer information for each appliance to find out the wattage of your necessary appliances, A portable generator maybe your best option if you stay aware of your energy consumption, and hold to using the wattage limit of the generator. Depending on the model, portables can generate between 2,500 and 4,800 watts. By using energy wisely, you’ll still be able to comfortably endure a blackout.

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